Sharara suits

Sharara suits can be worn to almost any occasion, depending on the style of the suit itself. An Indian bridal sharara, as the name suggests, are worn during a wedding by the bride. More often than not, when it comes to modern wedding sharara designs, a crop top or a choli is the most preferred form of the upper body garment. This is because the combination of the bared midriff along with the loose pants or the skirt lends an extremely elegant look to the outfit.However, long flowing kurtas that end at the knee are also worn as a substitute to the cholis. The dupatta, which is the third component of this outfit, can be draped in any way, according to one’s body type and preferences; however the most common way to do so is to drape it from one shoulder. Essentially, there is no ‘wrong’ way to drape a dupatta.
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